Bellingham Athletic Club

2015 Winter Shootout Recap

The Infusion Solutions Winter Shootout brought in 59 participants this year. The smaller turnout allowed us to be on
time all weekend with only one court mishap on Saturday afternoon! Everyone got lots of playing time and we managed
to escape the weekend with minimal injuries. As most of the participants were BAC members these are the results:
Men’s Open Singles:
2nd-Jeremy Disch
3rd-Devin Drury
4th-Tracy Drury
Men’s Elite Singles:
1st-Ryan Lawson
2nd-Hollie Scott
Men’s A Singles:
3rd-Kai Coble
Consolation-Nick Villa
Men’s C Singles:
1st-Tyler Burns
2nd-Brian Miller
Women’s A/B Singles:
2nd-Karin Hoekema
Women’s C/D Singles:
1st-Mary Baldwin
3rd-Tina Lopez
Men’sOpen/Elite Doubles:
1st-Jeremy Disch/Scott Wheeler
2nd-Devin Drury/Tracy Drury
3rd Jon Duryee/Keith Turley
Men’s A Doubles:
1st-Dave Hammers/Brian Dunbar
2nd-Gary Olson/Monte Maberry
3rd-Andy Andrewson/Sonny Mauricio
Men’s B Doubles:
1st-Mike Morones/Sonny Mauricio
3rd-Nick Villa/Norm Guthrie
Mixed Open/Elite Doubles:
1st-Devin Drury/Hollie Scott
2nd-Jon Duryee/Hollie Scott
3rd-Gary Olson/Diana Hambley
Mixed A Doubles:
1st Karin Hoekema/Ken Swanson
2nd-Nick Birnel/Rowena Birnel
3rd-Andy Andrewson/Kate McKinney
Mixed B/C Doubles:
1st-Kelli Holz/Tyler Burns
2nd-Diana Guthrie/Pat Stevenson
3rd-Tina Lopez/Rod Jackson
Women’s B/C/D Doubles:
1st-Diana Guthrie/Marylou Gremes