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BAC is Turning 40!

As we move into 2015 Bellingham Athletic Club is so excited to be celebrating our Fortieth year of providing great fitness opportunities for all of Whatcom County! Forty years of watching fitness grow and change. Leotards and leg warmers, sweat bands and big hair, very short shorts and small racquetball rackets; a lot of fond memories and favorite trends, what a ride we have had! We need to hear from you…We are proud to have been a part of your lives over all these years. To help us celebrate all the memories we are looking for stories from you, our members. I was touring a couple who were interested in membership, and the husband piped up as we were walking down the racquetball hallway, “I remember coming here when I was little, I went to kids club and took swimming lessons “. That of course, was an easy sell, they felt so comfortable here, it already felt like family, and that’s how we feel too. We have been part of a lot of our member’s lives for a very long time. We would love to hear from you, funny stories; important moments, who met their spouse here, formed new friendships, or rediscovered old friends? We are also looking for any old photos, BAC has gone through a number of remodels, as well as staff, we would love any pictures you have to help us decorate and celebrate our Forty Years of Fitness. If you feel comfortable sharing just shoot us an email, or stop us in the club to relay the stories, or drop off photos at either Front Desk. Thank you all for being such loyal customers, we’ll be having drawings for prizes and dues credits for the best submissions. Keep an eye out in the year’s newsletters and bulletin boards for celebration info.
Cathy Buckley

2 thoughts on “BAC is Turning 40!”

  1. Cathy,

    I had the privilege of meeting you at the last racquetball tournament just briefly, thank you so much for your time – it’s truly an honor. I don’t have a long history with BAC, but maybe starting 6 – 7 years ago in tournaments. I have nothing but admiration and respect for your racquetball crew – they are family!

    A while back, Jessie was conducting a tour for a couple and I felt the need to stop her just long enough to speak directly with the couple. I let them know that not only is BAC family and will take care of you but it’s what I call a 360 club – meaning, it has everything! All clubs have workout machines and trainers and classes, but it takes extra special clubs like BAC that can offer a pool, racquetball courts AND a basketball court. You might be able to find one other club across Skagit (my backyard) and Whatcom that can come close but I guarantee, BAC will be the hardest to beat!

    BAC is not just about who has more of what… but BAC to me, means excellence. BAC is family (racquetball) and community – Wanda, Brian and Jessie have been an amazing crew to work with, I would walk the green mile for them. All the folks I’ve gotten to know there over the years have made it feel like home. My sincerest and most devoted Thanks for all you do and the folks in your care. I wish I had been a member there when I lived in Bellingham, and everyone knows… it starts from the top down, KUDOS to you and your crew!!!

    • Kate,

      Thanks so much for your kind words, we love our members, and are truly dedicated to making everyone feel at “home” here at BAC. I am so glad we have succeeded. We, like all businesses, stumble at times, failing to live up to our own standards, but we do really try to do our best! Thanks for being a BAC family member and spreading the word of health and fitness.


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