Bellingham Athletic Club

Weekend Bootcamp

You may have seen James at the front desk at either of our locations, but he is also accepting clients for both private and group personal training! He’s received his personal training certification through the National Academy of Sports Medicine, and is currently pursuing his specialization certification in athletic performance enhancement.
James realized his passion for Fitness after overcoming multiple potentially crippling injuries with the help of his own personal trainer and physical therapist. He firmly believes anyone can attain any fitness goal with the right mind set and the right people behind them. If you have any inquiries about training with James, you can set up an appointment with him at the front desk at either location! James will also be leading a new weight loss focused bootcamp called B.E.A.S.T. (Bootcamp for Endurance And Strength Training) on Sunday mornings starting July 12th at our downtown location! Carefully chosen functional exercises performed in a high intensity circuit fashion followed by interval training has been proven to significantly prolong the body’s heightened caloric expenditure after a workout. This means much more calories burned the next day while sitting on the couch! Participants of all fitness levels are welcome and encouraged to join! So don’t be a stranger and join James at 9AM on Sunday the 13th for a workout that you will pat yourself on the back for!