Bellingham Athletic Club

Infusion Solutions’ Winter Shootout Results

Thank you for all who participated in the Winter Shootout. Below are the results.

Men’s Open Singles: 2nd Place-Jake Birnel 3rd Place-Jeremy Disch
Men’s Elite Singles: 1st Place-Jon Duryee 2nd Place-Hollie Scott 3rd Place-Triston Guthrie
Men’s A Singles: 3rd Place-Nick Villa
Men’s B Singles: 2nd Place-Nick Birnel 3rd Place-Mike Morones
Men’s C/D Singles: 1st Place-Calvin Hitz
Men’s 55/65 Singles: 1st Place-Gary Olson
Women’s E/A Singles: 1st Place-Rowena Birnel 2nd Place-Karissa Francis
Women’s B/C Singles: 1st Place-Brenna Guthrie 2nd Place-Rhonda McInturff
Women’s D Singles: 1st Place-Diana Guthrie 2nd Place-Marylou Gremes
Men’s O/E Doubles: 1st Place-Jake Birnel/Tim Ho 2nd Place-Jeremy Disch/Scott Wheeler 3rd Place-Devin Drury/Tracy Drury
Men’s A/B Doubles: 1st Place-Bob Alejandre/Victor Pinto-Gonzalez 2nd Place-Norm Guthrie/Kai Coble 3rd Place-Mike Morones/Sonny Mauricio
Men’s C/D Doubles: 1st Place-Rod Jackson/Rod Anderson 2nd Place-Micah Miller/Jett Guthrie
Women’s C/D Doubles: 1st Place-Rhonda McInturff/Mary Baldwin 2nd Place: Sydney McDonald/Ann Baker
Mixed O/E/A Doubles: 1st Place-Wanda Collins/Jon Duryee 2nd Place-Hollie Scott/Carlos Scott 3rd Place-Lori Turley/Kevin Galley
Mixed B/C Doubles: 1st Place-Karissa Francis/Josh Francis 2nd Place-Diana Guthrie/Norm Guthrie