Bellingham Athletic Club

Fall Classic Recap

We had 85 participants from Washington and Canada participate in the Fall Classic Racquetball Tournament this year. We gave away festive awards including: 24 turkeys, 22 pumpkin pies, 20 bags of potatoes and 11 bags of rolls! We had a great weekend. A HUGE thank you goes out to our sponsors, Kris Fykerud at Oasys, Rod Jackson at Industrial Supply, & Paul Carlson at Carlson Steel, we couldn’t have done it without you guys! As usual BAC members represented well this weekend and placed as follows:

Men’s Open 1st Place: Jake Birnel
Men’s Open Consolation: Taylor Disch
Men’s Elite 1st Place: Ryan Lawson
Men’s Elite 2nd Place: Triston Guthrie
Men’s A 2nd Place: Nick Villa
Men’s B 1st Place: Dean Hendrickson
Men’s C/D 1st Place: Brian Miller
Men’s 55+ 1st Place: Gary Olson
Women’s A/B 1st Place: Karissa Francis
Women’s A/B 2nd Place: Karin Hoekema
Women’s C/D 1st Place: MaryLou Gremes
Men’s Open/Elite Doubles 1st Place: Don & Jake Birnel
Men’s Open/Elite Doubles 2nd Place: Tracy & Devin Drury
Men’s Open/Elite Doubles Consolation: Taylor Disch & Tony Lopez
Men’s A Doubles 3rd Place: Monte Maberry & Nick Villa
Men’s A Doubles Consolation: Kris Fykerud & Mike Morones
Men’s B Doubles 1st Place: Mike Morones & Norman Guthrie
Men’s C/D Doubles 1st Place: Mark Handley & Rod Jackson
Women’s C/D Doubles 1st Place: Diana Guthrie & Marylou Gremes
Women’s C/D Doubles 2nd Place: Amy Butler & Stefanie Erickson
Mixed Open/Elite Doubles 1st Place: Taylor Disch & Hollie Scott
Mixed Open/Elite Doubles 2nd Place: Don Birnel & Wanda Collins
Mixed Open/Elite Doubles 3rd Place: Jon Duryee & Lori Turley
Mixed A Doubles 2nd Place: Lori Turley & Rowena Birnel
Mixed A Doubles 3rd Place: Ken Swanson & Karin Hoekema
Mixed B/C Doubles 1st Place: Norm & Diana Guthrie
Mixed B/C Doubles 2nd Place: Josh & Karissa Francis
Mixed B/C Doubles Consolation: Dave & Amy Butler