Bellingham Athletic Club

Udo’s Oil

BAC has been selected to be the testing grounds for Flora’s Udo’s Oil a plant based, non GMO, sustainable, organic oil. After 20 years of research and two studies measuring the affect of Udo’s oil on athletic performance Flora has developed a safe and effective way for athletes to reach optimal fitness and achieve their personal best. They have determined that the human body needs oil to run at its best and athletes around the world are now experiencing greater strength, improved stamina and faster recovery. Omega 3-6-9 Oil includes: Organic Flax Oil= Energy + Performance. Organic Sunflower & Organic Sesame Oil=Muscle cell structure + Circulation. Organic Coconut Oil=Energy + Antioxidants. Rice Germ Oil=Strength + Stamina + Antioxidants. Organic Soy Lecithin=Muscle Response + Cell Membrane Structure + Digestion. Organic Oat Germ=Chlorophyll + Oxygen. Tocopherols=Protection from free radical damage.7 Sources Oil includes: Organic Flax Seed Oil , Organic Sunflower Oil (see above). Pumpkin Seed Oil= Anti Inflammatory + Antioxidants + Energy. Algal Oil & Evening Primrose Oil= Circulation + Improved Oxygen & Nutrient Delivery + Anti Inflammatory. Coconut Oil= Immune support + Digestion. The 7 Sources oil is gluten & soy free as well as Vegan.We also have a great little recipe booklet that allows you to discover ways to add the Udo oil to your diet. The Oils are available for purchase in the small cooler across from the front desk, we have full size as well as small sample sizes.