Bellingham Athletic Club

Congratulations to BAC Players at the WA State Doubles Tournament

Seventeen BAC members traveled south to Seattle to participate in the 2013 Washington State Doubles Tournament. The tournament was located at the Washington Athletic Club. We are proud of our members not only for their efforts but also for their sportsmanship displayed, making it known State wide that BAC not only can win but also have fun while doing it!

Participants: Rowena Birnel, Jake Birnel, Don Birnel, Nick Birnel, Keith Turley, Lori Turley, Wanda Collins, Jessie Scott, Carlos Scott, Ryan Lawson, Gary Olson, Olivia Nicholes, Bob Alejandre, Victor Guthrie, Triston Guthrie, Jett Guthrie, Brian Dunbar

Top Finishers:
Don and Jake Birnel: Third Place Men’s Elite
Ryan Lawson & Olivia Nicholes: First Place Mixed A
Ryan Lawson & Gary Olson: Consolation Finals Men’s Elite
Victor & Triston Guthrie: Second Place Men’s A
Bob Alejandre & Jessie Scott: Consolation Finals Mixed A
James Kimball & Lori Turley: Consolation Finals Mixed Open
Lori Turley & Rowena Birnel: First Place Women’s Elite
Brian Dunbar & Billy Johnson: Consolation Finals Men’s Open