Bellingham Athletic Club

Pool Safety

Summertime is getting closer and many of us are getting ready for some much-needed time outside and around the water. Don’t forget the best way to prevent an accident is to be prepared! Here are a few safety tips to keep in mind while you and your family are having fun in the sun.

  • Never use inflatable arm floaties as a safety or life-saving device!!! They are very likely to slip off while the child is swimming, and also put children in the wrong position to learn how to swim properly.
  • Never turn your back on your children while they are in the water, even for a few seconds. That is all it takes for an accident to occur! Stay alert, and if you need a break from the pool or the sun, then your child
  • probably does as well.
  • Make sure to properly fit lifejackets for your children. (An easy test is to pull the shoulders up towards the ears once it is on your child. If it goes up over their ears, it is too big.)
  • Very small children (under 2 yrs old) should wear lifejackets that have a head support, so they will be forced to roll to their back when in the water.