Bellingham Athletic Club

Complete Swing

Using a complete swing when hitting the ball can provide a wealth of benefits:

  • It will help you to keep your racquet level – which eliminates hits into the floor, or shots that fly too high.
  • It increases the speed at which you can hit the ball.
  • It will improve your consistency.


There are a few tips you can try to help you finish your swing:

  • When you practice hitting the ball, tell yourself to hit THROUGH the ball, not AT the ball.
  • Your swing is finished when your racquet travels around to point at the back corner of the court. When you practice, check out where your finish point is: what is the racquet pointing at?
  • Tell yourself when you swing that the head of the racquet should point at 3 different walls during its travels: the side wall, the front wall and the other side wall behind you.
  • Imagine that the ball is lying on the top of a table and your job is to sweep the racquet around to hit the ball without touching the tabletop.


A smooth, repetitive stroke that uses these techniques will cut down on your errors and make you a better player.