Bellingham Athletic Club

Racquets Without Borders 2012-2013 #1

Bellingham Athletic Club was host to the 10th Annual Racquets Without Borders Junior Tournament on Saturday, Oct 27. This is a two part competition with Team British Columbia vying with Team Washington for individual awards as well as the perpetual team trophy. Washington currently holds the trophy from last year’s win – you can see it on the wall behind our racquetball courts. At the end of the day, Team Washington was leading with a slim margin of 36 points to 34 points. The Washington players will travel to Burnaby, B.C. for Part II of the competition on Saturday, December 8. We invite all Junior BAC players to join us there to keep the trophy on our wall! You can play even if you did not play on October 27, and there is scholarship help to pay for all or part of the entry fee. Join everyone for some great racquetball, a T shirt and a pasta lunch in Burnaby! Here’s how Washington players fared:

Results of the Girls Events:
Girls 8 and under multi bounce – 1st Place – Barrett Cerenzia (BAC); 2nd Place – Cade Guthrie (BAC)
Girls 10 2 bounce – 1st Place – Margo Gilliland (Olympic A/C – Seattle); 2nd Place – Kristin Hoekema (BAC)
Girls 10 – 2nd Place – Kristin Hoekema (BAC)
Girls 12 – 2nd Place – Paige Guthrie (BAC); 3rd Place – Hannah Rhoades (BAC)
Girls 14/16 – 1st Place – Hollie Scott (BAC)

Results of the Boys Events:
Boys 12 – 2nd Place – Ryan Holz (BAC); 3rd Place – Nick Birnel (BAC); Con. 2nd place – Jett Guthrie (BAC); Con. 3rd place – Brannon Shrock (BAC); Con. 4th place – Micah Miller (BAC)
Boys 14 – 2nd Place – Ryan Holz (BAC); 4th Place – Tyler burns (BAC); 5th Place – Brannon Shrock (BAC)
Boys 16/18 – 1st Place – Jake Birnel (BAC); 3rd Place – Triston Guthrie (BAC)

To check out the slideshow, press here.